Theatre of Wrong Decisions

The establishment of the Theatre of Wrong Decisions – an initiative of The Hague-based sculptor Ingrid Rollema – was prompted by the breakout of the Syrian war; an indescribably cruel war with incomprehensible motives of which the end is not in sight by a long way.

During ToWD’s inaugural meeting, on 28 February 2014 at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives (55 Toussaintkade in The Hague), artists, scientists and theorists reflected on the horrors of the Syrian war from a number of different perspectives. Speeches were given and discussions were held. To conclude the evening, a theatrical performance took place during which Macbethian madness and lust for destruction were given tangible form.

The initial plan was to realize similar theatrical productions on a monthly basis, but this proved to be too labor intensive. Subsequently the idea arose to produce a video clip every month to be distributed on the internet and other channels.

Ingrid Rollema and The Hague-based photographer and video maker Marsel Loermans are responsible for these clips with regards to both content and technical aspects. Guus Boudestein and Ruud Hisgen (who supplies the Shakespearean quotes) are involved to help develop ideas and opinions and to search for relevant texts. Suzanne Groothuis is responsible for public relations.

Every month, in close collaboration with Writers Unlimited, ToWD participates in a public debate on the clip’s subject.

In order to forge a direct relationship with the audience, Theatre of Wrong Decisions is consistently searching for suitable venues to manifest itself.

28 of February 2014 first edition of ToWD with participation of: Rosh Abdelfatah, Marlies Adriaanse, Cornell Bierens, Paul Bruijninckx , Tom Dommisse, Suzanne Groothuis, Gerard Holthuis, Jessy Rahman, Marsel Loermans, Maite Louisa, Paul Meerts, Ingrid Rollema, Michael de Roo, Mary Sue Siegel, Savas Tubbing, Eva Villanueva, Joris Wijsmuller, Froukje Zandvliet and Frans Zwartjes.

The movie Theatre of Wrong Decisions#Syria was made by Rosh Abdelfattah with visual material produced by Marsel Loermans as well as found footage.

Het Bestuur van ToWD is onbezoldigd.

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10. ToWD verslag 2016 - 2017.PDF

This picture is a still from the movie Syria, by Ingrid Rollema, Gerard Holthuis and Suzanne Groothuis (December 2013)